Name: Anne Sheehan


Birthdate :4/15/73

Where are you from/where do you live: New Jersey

Job/School: Hair Stylist

Hobbies / Interests: playing with my kids

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: CSI

Favorite Music: anything but country

Athletic Background...sports played growing up – weightlifting, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading

When/Why did you start lifting weights – started at 9 years old

What empowers/motivates you as an athlete: setting and achieving goals. lifetime dream to be a bodybuilder

What’s your strongest muscle group?: back

What's your weakest muscle group?: none

How do people, men in particular, react to you lifting weights and/or being

muscular?: mixed, but almost always intrigued

What are your future goals in athletics and weight lifting? become a pro bodybuilder, be a mentor for potential female bodybuilders/athletes

Height: 5’ 2

Weight: 150