Name:Federica Moretto

Email :ricaud@libero.it


Where are you from:Italy

Job:I work in my family company

Hobbies / Interests:/reading,ufology,going to movies,dancing,,driving my boyfriendís Ferrari.

Favorite Music: new age,deep hause,latin music

Athletic Background...sports played growing up: karate,swimming,softball,snowboard

When/Why did you start lifting weights: I started two years ago because my boyfriend was involved in weight lifting.I have been training hard only for one year.

Competitions entered and how did you place?:regional competition,placed first.

Whatís your strongest muscle group?:biceps and back

What's your weakest muscle group?:hamstrings

How do people, men in particular, react to you lifting weights and/or being

muscular?:generally I get positive reactions,also from men.

Have you ever been challenged in sports or in the weight room by a guy?:many guys are surprised because I can lift more weight than them.I competed in a snowboard competition with 200 man and I placed 5th.

Any armwrestling experiences to share?I ahvenít done it many times but I think I am quite strong in armwrestling.I always win with girls.I remember before I even started to work out I armwrestled an experienced bodybuilder and I was surprised I won. Sometimes I also win with guys.

What are your future goals in athletics and weight lifting?As I have almost just started I donít set precise goals for the moment.I want to keep working out and see what happens.I am going to attend to some bigger competitions next spring.

Height: 1,70 mt

Weight: 70kg off season,62kg contest shape

Biceps size: 36cm

Can you share with us the poundages you lift for the following exercises

(specify reps, sets or if they are maxes)

BenchPress: 60kg for reps

Incline Bench: 55kg for reps

Bicep Curls:50kg for reps

Tricep Pushdowns:

Dbell Rows: 50 kg for reps

Lat Pulldowns:70kg for reps

Squats:130 kg for reps

Leg Press: 300kg for reps

Deadlift:130kg for reps