Name: Glenda Bozett



Where are you from/where do you live: E. Northport, NY

Hobbies / Interests: working out, martial arts

Athletic Background...sports played growing up – volleyball, martial arts

When/Why did you start lifting weights – lose weight

What’s your strongest muscle group?: back

What's your weakest muscle group?: calves

How do people, men in particular, react to you lifting weights and/or being

muscular?: some love it, some hate it

Have you ever been challenged by a guy in the gym or other circumstances: street fight in a parking lot

What are your future goals in athletics and weight lifting? become a pro

Height: 5’

Weight: 122

Biceps size: 12 ½;

Can you share with us the poundages you lift for the following exercises

(specify reps, sets or if they are maxes)

BenchPress: 115

Bicep Curls: 35-40 lbs.

Tricep pushdowns: 90-100

Lat Pulldowns: 105

Squats: 185 lbs.

Deadlift: 135 lbs.

Leg press: 600-700

Pushups: 25