Email): truespirit70@yahoo.ca

Website (if you have one):

Birthdate: 02/15/70

Where are you from/where do you live: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Job/School: self employed dog groomer

Hobbies / Interests: belly dancing, yoga

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: action movies, TV: Friends, Will and Grace

Favorite Music: Alternative, Dance

Were you always strong/athletic/muscular? Any childhood memories you can

share? I was very skinny, then very fat. In my 20s I started working out.


Athletic Background...sports played growing up


When/Why did you start lifting weights 24 years old

What empowers/motivates you as an athlete?: the self esteem that a fit body creates

What's your strongest muscle group, what do you consider your weakest?: all my body parts are the same

How do people, men in particular, react to you lifting weights and/or being

muscular?: they think its amazing

Have you ever been challenged in sports or in the weight room or in other

circumstances to prove yourself against a guy? Can you share any stories and

results of such experiences with us? Lots ask me how much I bench

Any armwrestling experiences to share? no

What are your future goals in athletics and weight lifting? Going as far as I can

Anything else about you that you'd like to add:

Height: 5 6"

Weight: 124

Can you share with us the poundages you lift for the following exercises

(specify reps, sets or if they are maxes) (also specify type of lift...for

example, in the case of curls whether its Preacher Curl, Barbell Curl, or

single arm Concentration Curls):

BenchPress: max 205

Incline Bench: max 185

Bicep Curls: reps with 40 pound dumbbells

Tricep Pushdowns: reps with 140

Dbell Rows: 50

Lat Pulldowns: 135

Squats: 225 x 8 reps

Leg Press: 550 x 6 reps


Any others that we can list?:

Other Athletic Feats (answer those you know, ignore those you don't)

How many pullups/chinups can you do consecutively (specify chin or pull)?:

How many pushups?: 100


Any others you care to mention:



Biceps: 13

Forearms: 8

Chest: 38

Quads: 24

Calves: 14

Waist: 25

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