Name: Mikayla Miles

Email :milehighmikayla@aol.com

Website: www.milehighmodel.com

Birthdate :March 19th

Where are you from/where do you live: military brat from Colorado Springs

Job/School: personal trainer, yoga instrusctor

Hobbies / Interests: mountain biking, hiking, volleyball

Favorite Music: Punk, SKA, Jazz

Athletic Background...sports played growing up – Division 1 college basketball, volleyball, high school track, volleyball, basketball

When/Why did you start lifting weights – seriously about a year ago, because i love flexing

Competitions entered: 3rd place Rocky Mountain Fitness

What’s your strongest muscle group?: legs, look out for my scissors

What's your weakest muscle group?: triceps

How do people, men in particular, react to you lifting weights and/or being

muscular?: they love it, i think they dig that i dont look like a bodybuilder but when i flex watch out for my guns

Have you ever been challenged in sports or the weight room by a guy: this is very typical. when i go out to bars there always seems to be a guy who wants to armwrestle. i love it. i always nned a challenge.

Any armwrestling experiences to share: While sitting in a bar in NY with a girlfriend of mine we were approached by a guy. He asked me to flex and asked if i was strong. I said of course. He said well houw would you do against me armwrestling. I said lets find out. About 8 of his friends all surrounded us. We went at it and he was no challenge for me, but i think he liked it. His friends were giving him a hard time and he was upset. He said well you guys try it. I told them i would but not for nothing. One guy sat down and put $20 on the table. Once the moola was involved i said line em up boys. I won most and lost a few but i walked out of that bar $350 richer.

What are your future goals in athletics and weight lifting? i just want to have fun, flex and model

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 200

Biceps size: 15"

Can you share with us the poundages you lift for the following exercises

(specify reps, sets or if they are maxes)

BenchPress: 200

Bicep Curls: 50 lbs.

Lat Pulldowns: 180

Leg Press: 970 lbs.